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You have everything you need to achieve more success with your startup!

But for most people, starting up their own business is associated with a number of challenges. It can be finding the right direction, the right habits or becoming more productive often in conjunction with another steady job or time for family.

For some, it is important to have a vision keeper who keeps the vision alive and supports in keeping the motivation along the way. It can also be getting more organized, getting better structure or finding the right rhythms and routines.

Life Coach - Copenhagen Life Coach - Personal Life Coach

Achieve Your Visions!

Copenhagen Life Coach - Startup & Business

Visions & Direction

What are your startup dreams? Many are vague about it. A typical start-up session may be that you get more clarification on what it is. That you get a clearer goal so you can start pursuing those dreams.
Copenhagen Life Coach - Startup & Business

Habits & Movement

Even though we know the goals, it is often not so easy to achieve them. It is often due to the habits we have, obstacles in the form of limiting patterns, unconscious parts or anything else that stretches our legs so that it does not succeed.
Copenhagen Life Coach - Startup & Business

Momentum & Flow

Momentum towards your life goals comes through the work of awareness, pattern disruption, change and integration into everyday life. You then begin to master it through the principles that match you.
Life Coach - Copenhagen Life Coach - Personal Life Coach

What is the life course?

So if you want to achieve more success with your startup, the life goal course is something for you because it helps you create the momentum you seek through a tried and tested course, with lots of experience. With the life goal course, you get a personal course online with a focus on your visions, goals, person type, habits, obstacles, flow, balance, tools and much more.

You follow the life goal process with a common thread around the topic of startup. Ie. there is a focus on direction, movement and toolbox as usual in the process, but here with a greater focus on the creation and growth of own company. There will be sparring on the topics along the way and ensuring the nose is on track along with an approach of balance and personal growth.

Why Copenhagen Life Coach?

"A gift for yourself"
"A gift for yourself. I was recommended to Henrik a year and a half ago.. After the first session it was clear to me that it made sense to continue with Henrik, which I haven't regretted for a second ever since. Henrik has a large toolbox both in terms of personal development, sparring in relation to divorce with conflict and how to identify your goals in the long term and then pursue these goals, where all of this is tailored to your own personality based on a series of tests after the first session. Henrik has had a big part in me getting out of the deep I was in, and he has had a big part in it going as well as it has. This is also why I still look forward to the sessions I still have with him to this day. Henrik is present, listening, perspective-taking, realistic and always prepared for the various sessions.."
Thomas Christian Vang
16th June 2023
"Definitely recommended"
"Helped me with direction in life. I came to Henrik and was quite confused about what I wanted to do with my life. After a few sessions I became very clear about the direction I wanted to go. That's why we started working on how to start up as an entrepreneur. He is very realistic and constructive, and at the same time provides good tools for how you can actually get things done, overcome your fears, focus on what is important. He is good at guiding you in the right direction when you are about to go out into the weeds or are about to dream crazy in your fantasies. Can definitely be recommended if you want help with direction in life, entrepreneurship, career, challenges, etc. And then a huge bonus is the structured approach with preparation process, email, zoom, which just works."
Stephanie Pedersen
13th June 2023
"Goals have been achieved"
"The best recommendations of Henrik as a coach. I went through the intermediate package 1.5 years ago with great success, Henrik helped me to achieve my goals and visions. 1.5 years later, I can see that many of my long-term goals have been achieved and I doubt it would have happened without Henrik's help. If you want to do something good for yourself, gain more qualities and learn more about yourself, I can only recommend Henrik."
Anders Jacobsen
3rd April 2023
"Super present"
"Henrik can be highly recommended. With his super present approach and ability, you are guided through this process, which for one can be uncertain and difficult. Henrik is able to get to know someone on an in-depth level, sometimes better than you know yourself, it feels, which all helps to create progress and development. I have greatly benefited from my course with Henrik."
Asger Dath
31st March 2023
"You can be 100% honest"
"Clear recommendation of Henrik as a coach. I am still working on my course with him, but already from day one you can feel his enthusiasm. Henrik creates a space where you can be 100% honest. When you work in the process, you don't have to be nervous that there is no common thread, Henrik is good at creating the common thread."
14th November 2022
"The best thing I have done"
"Fantastic present coach! Having Henrik as a coach is probably the best thing I have done for myself. Henrik makes you relax, open up and feel yourself again. Henrik's way of working with one's personality profile, his techniques and coaching, have already caused me to move from when I started with Henrik. Huge recommendation from here!"
Manahi Dababneh
12th November 2022
"Feel inspired and seen"
"So far I have had approx. 5 sessions with Henrik and I feel seen and heard in the collaboration. Henrik is super good at reading me and it's nice to learn more about ones personality type. I myself work with people and think I already know a lot about different methods and motivational work, but together with Henrik I constantly learn something new and feel inspired after each session. Henrik makes supportive suggestions that always have a positive approach and an easier way of looking at things. Henrik is empathetic and has good communication skills. I can definitely recommend Henrik."
3rd November 2022
"Great coaching"
"Great coaching. Warm recommendations from here. Being coached by Henrik, I managed to achieve challenging career and life goals. Henrik manages to familiarize himself with one's personal profile and to open up clarity to various techniques that one realizes are necessary to achieve one's goals. Even if you feel you have the energy to achieve your goals, Henrik gives valuable insight into how to overcome obstacles and limitations to achieve your visions using different techniques. Coupled with his method of giving direct feedback, you get really far and take big personal leaps during a course with Henrik."
Edon Morina
7th August 2022
"Highly Recommended"
"I can highly recommend Henrik as a coach! After following his course, I have become wiser about myself and my values, as well as how it plays into the environment around me. The sessions are always pleasant and you come home with a lot of reflections and tools."
Asger Dath
3rd May 2022
"Warmest Recommendations"
"Coaching with direction If you need to find direction, you have come to the right place with Henrik. Henrik coaches you competently, and he gives you techniques to see different perspectives towards your goals as well as the tools to achieve them in your daily life. The warmest recommendations from here."
23rd March 2022
"Exceptional coach!"
"Henrik is an exceptional coach! I had been on sick leave with work-related stress for the 3rd time. I was very skeptical about whether Henrik could help me, because I had tried all kinds of things, and several psychologists made available by my previous job. These I could talk about by mouth and didn't get any further. Henrik, on the other hand, did not take my words for granted. With Henrik's help, I was able to set some clear goals for the future, I gained the courage to look for a new job, and approach it with an honesty that made them welcome me. I can say that I have no stress and that I really enjoy my job. I cannot thank Henrik and his brilliant abilities as a coach enough."
14th February 2022
"Grateful for Everything"
"Do something good for yourself and contact Copenhagen Life Coach I can definitely recommend Henrik if you want an extremely professional coach! He is always prepared, good at guiding and provides some incredibly good tools to achieve your goals. He is incredibly pleasant, calm and present to talk to, even though it has been virtual meetings, it is like we are sitting in the same room! I have been and am still in the process of incredible personal development, and have got much more in my backpack than I thought possible! I am grateful for everything he has done so far and look forward to continuing the journey with Henrik!"
Christian Frøslev Søndergaard
1st February 2022
"Fantastic Coach"
"If you are out there and need to find a fantastic Coach, I just have to say contact Copenhagen Life Coach / Henrik. Henrik manages to control the course of the battle in a completely fantastic way. I feel safe and will at all times give my best recommendation to Henrik and Copenhagen Life Coach."
Dorthe Frørup Petersen
14th January 2022
"Skilled Coach"
"Pleasant and skilled coach Henrik has a pleasant and efficient approach, and he has many tools in his backpack. Although it was sometimes difficult to see the purpose of some of the exercises when we started, he guided me in a good way, and today I can see that I more or less consciously use most of the tools almost daily."
6th January 2022
"Extremely competent Coach!"
"Extremely competent Coach! I will give my best recommendations to start a course with Henrik. I experience good guidance and help, where Henrik manages to navigate and adapt to the specific situation. Henrik is well prepared and very pleasant to talk to. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to start this course, as it has created great value for me."
Daniel Borgersen
25th August 2021
"Incredibly Observant"
"Henrik is really skilled and pleasant to talk to. He is incredibly observant, good at listening and asks sharp questions. He helped me find direction and the courage to go after what I wanted."
Jacob Schjødt
23 May 2021
"Best thing I have ever done"
"I have and am still going through a course with Henrik and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself! I have developed like crazy with the tools that Henrik has given me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who goes with the idea about talking to a coach, choosing Henrik. I will definitely make use of Henrik on an ongoing basis."
Nicklas Nielsen
18 May 2021
"Really good course"
"I have experienced a really good course, which has made a difference to my desire to change my lifestyle. During the whole course, Henrik has been really good to talk to and has always been happy and positive, as well as making time to be present. He has also been good at using and grasping my very specific experiences and needs and for that, he has given me some tools that I didn't know or had experience with! Henrik can definitely be recommended, he is skilled and manages the process very stable and professional and creates good momentum.
Bjarke Kraag Ziegler
9 February 2021
"Definitely recommend a course"
"If you want to open your eyes to what is important to focus on in your life and how to achieve the goals you dream of, I would definitely recommend a course with Henrik."
Christina Tange
10 December 2020
"Warmly recommend"
"I can warmly recommend Henrik. He is a likeable and friendly person who rests in himself and every session is a pleasure. At the same time, Henrik ensures that what needs to be said is said and guides you on the right track , when you are "off track". He does this with respect for the client. Henrik has many tools, including NLP and Hypnosis. He has helped me with my business goals. In addition, he has also helped me with the balance between work and family life . Henrik has been a good support, and it's also nice to have some "accountability" when you have ambitions and goals you want to achieve, and you have to keep your nose on track. So it can definitely be recommended!"
Belinda Torndahl Pedersen
17th October 2020
"Fantastic tools"
"Had the pleasure of being in a course with Henrik Milo, in a difficult time, where I really got some fantastic tools to tackle the future and the things I am facing. Henrik is both a lovely, honest and competent personality and he get my warmest recommendations!"
Kasper Wodstrup Rost
17th October 2020
"Very much recommended!"
Very much recommended! I am very happy with the overall experience.
Johana Ruiz
25th September 2020
Life Coach - Copenhagen Life Coach - Personal Life Coach

Lots of experience!

My name is Henrik Milo. I live in Copenhagen, am 44 years old and a private practicing coach and therapist. I have more than 10 years of education and experience in coaching, therapy, psychotherapy and management. I have educations and certifications within ID Integral Life Coach, NLP, Hypnosis and EFT as well as several years of study in ID Integral Psychotherapy.

Has more than 10 years of experience in the business world with project management, Engineer from the Department of Production and Management and works actively as an agile project management consultant. I have certificates within the larger agile organizations such as, AgilePM and SAFe.

Coach Course

Introductory talk

Telephone Conversation

We agree a time when I call and shortly hear a little more. Here I can also give further recommendations.
Introductory talk

Strategy Meeting

30 min strategy meeting possibly with prior personality test. Here you can get more clarity and advice. The meeting is non-binding and takes place online via Zoom. You can also feel whether there is the right chemistry and get answers to your questions.
Small Package

Visions & Goals

At the planning meeting, we agree the course and times for the meetings so that it match you. After the practical, we start with the first parts of the course. The first module is about visions and dreams. Here we find out what your dreams and visions are and clarify these as well as create positive future experiences of them. The modules after we use to gain a better insight into your personality and values for use in later work. The last modules of the small package focuses on goals, where the visions are made tangible and achievable and from there more clarity about identity and future self.
Small Package
Medium Package

Habits & Growth

We use the first modules of the medium package to work with your current habits and unconscious patterns. The following modules, we look at limiting beliefs, patterns and the most relevant obstacles in relation to achieving the goals you set. Then we look at resources and pick up on your routines and rhythms as well as focus on grounding and achieve more flow.
Medium Package
Full Package

Integration & Narratives

Depending on the challenges and issues we have become familiar with in the previous modules, we will focus here on working with relevant tools and integration into everyday life. It will be a process shifting between awareness, tools and integration into habits. We then unfold identity and leadership, look at narratives and go on a discovery in life's great stories.
Full Package

Experience the Results

It is important to celebrate the positive changes. To allow oneself to acknowledge the work that has been done, from raising awareness to integration into everyday life and experiencing oneself with new eyes. It provides a new point of view from which new perspectives and opportunities arise.

Follow-up meeting

A follow-up session where we take a status of how things are going and talk about what is current. We agree on when it will be available based on what suits you.

Personal Coach Packages

All packages are offered as individual, partner pairs or team courses.
Sessions can be online, at your work, at your home or as a walk’n talk.
If you have any questions, send a message or book a free & non-binding talk.

Small Package

Get Direction

From EUR.2696 modules and 4 sessions with start-up meeting and a focus on visions, direction and clarity including online inspiration and exercises between each session.
Find your visions
Empower your personality
Get your goals defined
Get structure in everyday life
Experience more inner peace

Medium Package

Feel Movement

+ From EUR.269The small package plus 9 modules and 4 sessions with a focus on movement, growth and habits including online inspiration and exercises between each session.
Incl. Small Package
Get more movement
Overcome obstacles
Create the right habits
Changes in everyday life
Find flow & resources
Feel balance & grounding

Full Package

Create Success

+ From EUR.269Medium package plus 6 modules and 4 sessions with a focus on succeeding, leadership and narratives including online inspiration and exercises between each session.
Incl. Medium Package
Get tools for the future
Acknowledge your success
Unfold leadership
Explore narratives
Inner peace & balance

You can start on the small package and then continue on the medium and full package.

coach directions

When is the right time?

One of the strongest principles of change in development is that the positive changes you create contribute to the next and therefore an exponential growth. Time goes by and if you do not create in those changes, you naturally miss out on the interest rate that would otherwise be. If there are negative patterns, it might even go the wrong way.

Many people often have the feeling that something has to be in order first, that the ducks have to line up. It is often a limiting strategy that postpones the important. Life comes in ways that are not the perfect time. The best time is now and only you can make the decision.

Life Coach - Copenhagen Life Coach - Personal Life Coach

Accelerate Your Startup!

A talk is completely free and without obligation. If you choose to start, you can also just choose the small package and if satisfied continue to the medium package. If that sounds interesting then click on the button below and take the next step.

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