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Copenhagen Life Coach - About CLC
Copenhagen Life Coach - About CLC
Copenhagen Life Coach - About CLC
Copenhagen Life Coach - About CLC
Copenhagen Life Coach - About CLC
Copenhagen Life Coach - About CLC

Henrik Milo

Hi, my name is Henrik, I look forward to meeting you!

I live in Copenhagen, am 44 years old and a private practicing personal coach and therapist. I have more than 10 years of education and experience in coaching, therapy, psychotherapy and management. I have educations and certifications within ID Integral Life Coach, NLP, Hypnosis and EFT Coach as well as several years of study in ID Integral Psychotherapy. Has several years of experience in business with project management, Engineer from the Department of Production and Management and available as an agile project management consultant. I have certificates within the larger agile organizations such as, AgilePM and SAFe.

As a personal coach, I combine the different coach and therapy directions, as these can positively reinforce each other. It could, for example. be clarification of goal and awareness through integral psychology, amplification of change with NLP and subconscious with hypnosis. Here an alternation between client-centered coaching, where the client himself has the answers and techniques to reinforce the solutions. The sessions have a high focus on usability and integration into everyday life.

I am generally always under training, supervision and coaching.

Online or visits?

Personal Coach sessions are offered online with Zoom or telephone as well as at your work, your home or walk’n talk and cafe’n coffee in Copenhagen & Hellerup. The vast majority take their sessions online and find that it works very well as it makes it easy and flexible during course.


Familiar home environment
supports the process.


Calm atmosphere allows
for contemplation.


Familiar surroundings create
inspiration and creativity.

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